Our beautiful Ferris wheel holds 16 trays but can the base trays can make it 18.. Full of sweets this would feed a minimum of 100 people

We have three packages available.


Silver ….£50 -  The Ferris wheel on its own with just the tongs and the scoops ( you provide bags, sweets etc)


Gold …£90 -The Ferris wheel is full of everyday favourite’s inc haribos, fried eggs, hearts etc. This deal comes with matching to your scheme colour bags, scoops and tongs.


Platinum … £110 -  again with the matching bags scoops, tongs etc along with retro sweet the old favourite’s – Flying saucers, refreshers, fruit salad, pear drops etc ( you get to choose what you sweets you would like)


Delivery is free within 10 miles of Flowers and Ribbons, after delivery charges may apply.


Having a wedding cake with us?? 10 % off the price of the wheel if combined with one of our yummy wedding cakes.

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